WORSHIP SERVICE: Sunday, November 19th, 2017, 10:30 AM
The Church is Christ together with His people called both to worship and to serve Him in all of life.

Reception of New Members
Welcome to Worship: Grateful to be able to worship in freedom and in faith, we warmly welcome one another this Sunday morning. As old friends and new, we are one in faith, hope and love. Please join together after worship in the North Hall for a time of fellowship and refreshment where we also have a chance to meet our new members.
“Do your best to come to me soon”…“before winter”2Timothy4:9 and 21
Bible Reading: 2Timothy4

Children’s Story: THINK THE LINK!

Minister: The Rev. Kirk T. Summers
Music Director: Lenard Whiting
Assistant to the Minister: Melvin Suwarno

Come one Come All!
100 Mile Dinner and Christmas Dessert Auction Fundraiser for Trinity
This Saturday, November 18th at 6:00 pm at Trinity! Following its great success the last seven years we are again holding this fundraising dinner for Trinity. There will be a delicious sit down 100 Mile Dinner with ingredients obtained from local farmers within 100 miles of Trinity. Enjoy our Christmas Dessert Auction and other fun happenings that night. The Dessert Auction is an opportunity to bid on the delicious goodies made by Trinity's renowned bakers. The highest bidder takes the dessert home to freeze for Christmas season entertaining. There will be cookies, cakes, loaves, squares, pies etc. and you don't have to keep them until Christmas...for those with a big sweet tooth you can enjoy them anytime!  Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for children 11 and under.

MISSION MOMENT: Universal Children’s Day (November 20)
Presbyterian World Service & Development is committed to protecting the rights of children, including the right to food that helps them grow and thrive. A lack of food threatened the life of one-year-old Kai when violent conflict near their village forced his family to flee their home in South Sudan. After they’d walked for days, Kai was showing signs of severe acute malnutrition. Fortunately, when they arrived at a UN protection camp, the little boy was admitted to a feeding centre that is part of a PWS&D-supported nutrition treatment program with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. After two months Kai was discharged, having grown healthier, stronger and better able to face each day while waiting for peace to be restored in South Sudan.

Wednesday 10 am Community Activities and Fellowship: A morning get-together for yoga, fellowship and refreshment. For more information, please contact Isobel Hutchison.

Trinity Choir Rehearsal is held every Thursday from 7-9 pm in the West Hall. You are more than welcome to inquire to consider to Director of Music Lenard Whiting or to Diane Wells.

Sunday Morning Prayer for our Church and World, is observed with the Minister every Sunday morning from 9:50 to 10:05 am in Founders Hall (the Old Sanctuary). All are welcome.

Our next Healing Prayer Time will be held on Sunday, December 3rd at 11:45 am in the Doig Room. This time apart is especially to hold in prayer anyone going through a difficult time and for those we love who might be likewise experiencing a tough time. Our time of sharing and praying will be about 15 minutes and will be led by the Minister.

The Peace Tree project
Chirstmas is coming and we will be collecting Christmas gifts in support of: 1) Fernie House; 2) Armagh and; 3) Evangel Hall.

A Christmas tree, that will soon be placed in the Atrium, is decorated with tags describing specific gift requests. We invite you to: 1) take one or more tags, 2) purchase the specific gift and 3) return the gift to the church, unwrapped, on or before: December 10th, 2017. The gifts will be delivered on December 11th, so please ensure your gift is at the church before this date! Further inquiries please contact Joan Kitchen.

A big thank you to over 50 people at Trinity who helped with the Evangel Hall Community dinner on Nov. 5th. Many people made beef stews, squares and pies. Others gave financial donations which helped to buy dinner rolls and extra dessert. The remainder was donated to EHM to support their evening dinners. We served 90 guests in house and gave out 20 take out meals. An enthusiastic group of Trinity members drove to EHM to warm stews, plate desserts and serve 110 hungry guests. Thank you so much to everyone for helping to make this outreach program a success.

Together Again
2017 Congregational Christmas Project
Family Reunification – Rasha Alahmad
It was approximately a year ago when we first told you of a community-based group named “SPARROW” (Sponsorship Plan And Refugee Resettlement Of Willowdale) which includes representation from Trinity. This North York group was formed to sponsor a refugee family from the conflicts in war-torn Syria.

SPARROW’s efforts, of which Trinity was an important part, were successful and culminated with the arrival of three members of the Al Ahmed family at Pearson Airport on October 13, 2016. The family--Mohamad, his wife Mayada and their youngest son, 21 year-old, Abdul Halim-- arrived in Canada with only a single suitcase and their profound gratitude. Sadly, however, when Mohamad and Mayada came to Canada, they were forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives – to leave behind their two daughters and grandchildren.

One daughter, Rasha, is a single mother of two young children, Ariam, 8 and Odai, 10. In August 2012, soldiers had raided their city of Damascus and Rasha’s husband, Abdul Qader Alshoyoich; along with 130 other men were taken. Rasha visited government offices and searched hospitals and detention centers, but was unable to gather any new information regarding her husband’s whereabouts. Without him, Rasha never felt safe. Six months after his disappearance, she made the difficult decision to abandon her search, leave Syria and move to Jordan as a documented United Nations refugee where she could rejoin her husband’s family. Although this new living arrangement provided more protection and stability for her children, living with her in-laws was far from easy. For example, the government in Jordan wouldn’t allow the children to go to school because of their refugee status. In addition, Rasha was required to care for the entire family and was even pressured to marry one of her brothers-in-law.

Despite her best efforts to provide a better life for her children, Rasha had very few prospects in Jordan and her children still have not been able to attend school. However, she saw a glimmer of hope through the successful efforts that had resulted in her parents’ and brother’s safe arrival in Canada. From that point forward, the prospect of starting a new life in Canada was her dream, not only to give her children an education but to be reunited with her family.

Through her family, SPARROW learned of Rasha’s difficult situation and has since worked tirelessly to reunite them in Canada. Rasha’s aging parents are beginning to need more help. Mayada suffers from chronic pain as a result of spinal stenosis and can’t afford additional care. As most families can appreciate, Rasha and her parents want nothing more than to be together here in Canada, where they can be afforded safety, opportunity and freedom. Rasha dreams of the day when she can learn English, her children can finally begin to receive an education, and she can work to help support her family.

This is an extremely hard-working, loving family who is committed to making the best of every opportunity offered to them, including “giving back” to Canada, the country that provided refuge and hope when their lives were in chaos. SPARROW, with the help of Trinity and others, will sponsor Rasha and her children and would like to help them settle in Canada as soon as possible. SPARROW is asking for support in reuniting this family such that their dream of living here becomes a reality.

With the support of the Trinity Session, the Missions Ministry is asking for your help to raise at least $15,000 of the total target of the $30,000 needed to reunite this refugee family, bringing them ‘Together Again.’ To this compassionate end, our 2017 Congregational Mission Project is devoted.

Currently, donations are collected during Worship Service on Sundays. For anyone who wants to donate, the office can provide you with an envelope to record your “Together Again” donations and ensure that you will receive a tax receipt. Contact the office at 416.447.5136 or email us at



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Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you. Matthew5:48b

“There is more to generosity than money. As a virtue and a practice, generosity has to do with the way we use our skills and the manner in which we share ideas, practice hospitality, offer encouragement, make connections, and use our time to address the needs of others. Generosity is reflected in the quality of our relationships and the way we engage with people via acts of caring and compassion. As a lifestyle, generosity is measured by our giving and volunteering as well as the manner in which we nurture relationships and live out our neighbourliness.”
William Enright in “A Theological Foundation for Generous Giving” in Giving: Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation, vol. 19 (Richmond: ESC, 2017).

Men’s Brown Bag Lunch with the Rev. Gordon Beaton will be held on November 23rd. A great opportunity for older gentlemen to gather with Gordon to ponder and solve (!) the issues of the day – while enjoying one another’s good company! All welcome. For more information, please contact the office by email ( or call 416.447.5136.

Young People now away at school or work: To continue to strengthen our communication with, and belonging to one another, please contact with any additions or revisions to the congregational directory names. These will also be added to the weekly email distribution of Trinity News.

Trinity's Prayer Team responds to requests from the people of Trinity and those beyond our immediate community. Anyone can ask for supportive prayer anytime and experience its comfort and uplift. Please contact Janet Worthington.

Christmas Pageant
December 10th – during worship service
On the Second Sunday of Advent, December 10th come see and hear the story of the first Christmas as the children and young people lead in worship! There are opportunities for everyone to assist in the presentation of this year’s Christmas Story. Rehearsal on December 9th, 10 – 11:30 am. For more information, call Mark & Karen Boucher.

Memorial Poinsettias
We at Trinity Presbyterian Church York Mills continue our tradition of using poinsettias to decorate the church at Christmas time. As in previous years, we are seeking Memorial donations toward flowers and decorations, which will also be put to use throughout the coming year.

Please use the white or pink “Flower Fund Envelopes,” located in the pews and include the following acknowledgement with your contribution:

Memorial Poinsettias
In Memory of:
Presented by:
Payment Enclosed:
Envelope #

Please make cheque payable to “Trinity Flower Fund”. These envelopes may be placed on the offering plate or dropped off in the church office.

Flash Financial Report: October 31, 2017
General Operations
Surplus position: I am pleased to be able to report that we have achieved an operating surplus to the end of October. All being well, it should be sustainable through the year end December 31.

The improvement compared to prior years is due to:

Offerings: With the Christmas season approaching, this is a gentle appeal to everyone to keep up both your generosity and regular givings. Despite our fortunate surplus position, our offerings to date still leave a gap of about $60,000 to close to meet the annual budget amount of $302,000.

Thanksgiving Offering: a wonderful response amounting to about $8,000.

Designated Offerings/Gift
In addition to offerings and gifts towards General Operations above, the generosity of the Congregation is also evident in making offerings designated for a particular purpose or cause and the sum total to date is approaching $60,000.

Gifts through bequests have amounted to $45,000.

There will be a detailed accounting for these amounts in the Annual Report, but further information can be provided in advance upon request.

Respectfully Submitted,
Russ McKay, Treasurer

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PAR: Pre-Authorized Remittance: If you have automatic debits from your bank account, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions to Trinity through-out the year. To take advantage of contributing in this way, or to adjust existing contributions, please ask Beth Hemstad for more information or assistance.


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